Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Hold...

So, many different things occured in my personal life that caused me to have to put this pursuit on hold. I still plan on competing, just not any time this year. I'm working on a couple of things and if they come to fruition, I will update you all. For now I'm slowing down my training so that I can put on healthy weight over time and not stress out so much about trying to add on muscle while shedding that last remaining belly fat. My routine was getting to be a bit crazy and it was way too much food for me to consume in order to gain with the cardio I was doing. My plan is to continue on my program and cut back on the cardio until I can gain a good amount of weight. The first competition of 2012 is NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic in San Diego on February 11th and that is my new goal. I think it's a much healthier goal considering I'm coming from a place of inactivity to a life full of fitness! So, I will go hard at a steady pace through the holiday seasons and see what I'm looking like when February gets here. I'm almost ready to post transformation photo's so stay tuned! xoxo

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