Monday, October 3, 2011

3 Weeks Out! Titan's Grand Prix!

Well, I'm going forward. It's a lot harder to see changes in your self than it is for others to see them and Deborah still thinks I will be fine. She made more changes for me. Trying to get my arms and legs more defined and put on some lean muscle with the time I have left. I realize I didn't spend much time training for this so I'm not expecting much this time around. I can't believe I said this time around. We'll see how I feel once this is behind me but I think I would like to keep doing this for a while and see where it goes. So for now, I hit the gym and work on my "package" for the Titan's Grand Prix! October 22nd! Oh yes, follow me on Twitter if you're on! @CaHauteMommy xo

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