Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 2

Okay, so I'm going to stop slacking on this, really, I am! I'm typing this as my almost 4 year old is laying in my arms after a melt down but I'm determined! Lol

So, a lot of friends have been asking, what do you eat? For you and your situation, it might vary. I would ask my trainer Dr. Deborah Denio exactly what she recommends for you. I found a sample diet online here: Bikini Diet here are some things they recommend. This is similar to what I eat:

 Sample Meal Plan: Meal 1: ½ cup oatmeal
2 eggs w/ spinach & tomatoes
Meal 2: Apple
Handful of almonds
Meal 3: Turkey sandwich
(2 pieces Ezekiel bread, turkey, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes)
Small side salad
Meal 4: Protein drink (pre-workout)
Meal 5: Protein drink (post-workout)
Meal 6: Chicken
Sweet potatoes
Green beans

Sample Competition-Diet Meal Plan:
Meal 1: ½ cup oatmeal
5 egg whites w/ spinach & other veggies
Meal 2: Protein drink
Meal 3: Chicken
Sweet potatoes
Meal 4: Chicken
Green beans
Meal 5: Salmon
Large salad
Meal 6: Cottage cheese
I usually hit the gym in the evenings when my husband get's home and I do upper and lower body alternating days, twice a week ea. (for example, lower body mon and weds, upper, tues and thurs). I follow this w/cardio (I do weights first because I am trying to build). I was doing 40 min of cardio, 5x's a week during weeks 1 & 2 but she has increased it to 45 minutes starting w/week 3. My goal is a fitness competition so my workouts could also be more than she would have someone typically do. Again, consult w/her and she will advise you.

This is Deborah 7 months after having her baby (and she has a 20 month old as well!) so she knows how to help Ladies! (P.S. she is a IFBB Pro Fitness competitor and that is why her physique is so chisled, she will only make you look like this if you want it! For example, I am competing in NPC Bikini and it is a toned looked, not as defined) And here is an example of bikini amateurs so you can get an idea of what I am going for (girl to far right holding the sword):

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