Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 1 down!

Well I finished week one. I lost weight (started at 121.2 now I'm 116.8, lost 4.4lbs) so we will see what my trainer Deb says about this. I took pics and sent her so she can evaluate my progress. I didn't get too specific w/week 1 as far as blogging goes, but here is what I did.

Week of 8/7

Sunday: Diet began! Did Butt Bible on excercise tv
Monday: Hill intervals on treadmill at the gym/upper body workout
Tuesday: Abs, Cardio dance followed by Butt Bible
Wednesday: Kettle Bell and cardio workout
Thursday: Abs, Lower body and hill intervals on treadmill
Friday & Saturday: Rest

So, Sunday starts a new week! I love Butt Bible so I think I will do that, along w/cardio and abs

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