Saturday, August 27, 2011

Losing Weight

In less than 3 weeks I lost 8lbs. That wouldn't be much if I were overweight, but considering how small I was to begin with, it's a lot! It is really hard to lose weight once you are a certain size but I did it. If you have more to lose, your results will be much higher in that short amount of time. Going to the gym, and then heading to McDonald's isn't going to do it. You have to cut all of the crap food out! Stick to a nice clean diet. Your "cheat" meal can not be a meal, but a dish, something small, and the rest of your meal what you normally eat on your diet. Doing that along with cardio (start out doing 5 days a week, adjust it as you need it to see results. If you're not seeing results, go longer and HARDER, you should be wet w/sweat). I'm also weight training because as you know, I'm attempting to achieve the physique of a bikini competitor. If you stick to your diet and go hard on cardio, you WILL see results! Give it a try! If you need guidance and someone to advise you of what to do then please see my friend Dr. Deb (she's a PRO & a doctor of physical therapy and knows what she's doing! As you know, she's helping me as well, I would not know what to do without her) Happy Saturday! xo

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