Friday, September 2, 2011


So, I'm still small, haven't gained and still a lot of toning to do! See, I told you, just because I'm "small" doesn't mean a thing. I'm "skinny fat" but I'm changing that! Hey, that's my new motto until I'm transformed, lol. Anyway, I know I get a cheat dish a week but I think I'm going to opt out of that for a while. I definitely see results, my legs are starting to show definition as well as my arms, and I don't jiggle as much as I used to either. So, this is definitely working! The tough part is my abs! They are there, so I haven't been working them much, I can feel them, but they are still covered in post baby fat. I'm looking forward to getting that tight so if I have to sacrifice my cheat meals and pack a lunch when we go to birthday parties and skip the cake, so be it, it's done!

This week Dr. Denio "pimped" my workouts big time! When I wake up I have to do 100 quick excercises to get me going, every day! Then my cardio is going to be crazy, 5 days of treadmill and stair master! I can do it, I think. I hope my legs don't turn to jello! Will start tomorrow, the start of my workout week. I will be working out over the entire labor day weekend and I will not be cheating. Wish me luck! xo

Hint: Lot's of leg presses this week, with varying form, see a couple examples below....

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