Sunday, November 24, 2013

Check Your Belly, Before You Wreck Your Belly! Diastisis Recti....

ATTENTION MOMS! Check your belly, before you wreck your belly! I've been meaning to do a post on this for a while now. I've had a "mom belly" since I had my daughter. I always thought it was fat I needed to lose (of course at one point it was) and every trainer I've had has told me, it's fat, it's bloat, sprint, cut bloating foods! None of them even thought for a second it could be anything else. I knew I had been eating too clean and hitting the gym to often to be so tiny and have a belly of "fat" and something wasn't right. I always had a feeling my tummy felt "different" ever since I had kids. Finally I started googling a couple months before my first show and found it! Diastisis Recti! I did the self test, not only do I have it, but I have it pretty bad! And what makes it worse and spread further apart? Crunches, planks, traditional Ab work, all of which my previous trainers (before I joined Team EDGE) had me doing. I need to be doing special exercises that work the transverse abdominal muscles and wearing a splint! So #Moms, please do me a favor, google this and test yourself. If you have it, order a splint and start doing transverse abdominal exercises daily. Google the Tupler Technique (don't buy it, it's all on the Internet for free). Good luck and tell your friends! I don't want you wrecking your bellys and going through what I am! XO

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