Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 NPC California State Championships

Well, I did it! I competed in my first show! The experience was amazing and in the end, I really enjoyed it! From getting my first spray tan to walking across the stage. I totally messed up my posing (forgot moves) both times but I just smiled and kept it moving. So based on height (they measured me at 5'6.5") I was placed in Bikini Class E (5'5" up to 5'7"). I was called out first (which usually means top 5) except they called out 6 of us and I didn't notice, lol. I ended up placing 6 out of 10 beautiful women. I was so surprised!  I didn't feel like I deserved to "win" and that wasn't my goal. I had only been seriously prepping for about 9 weeks when some women have been doing this a year or longer. I just wanted a goal to get my body in shape and step on stage. Well, I did that and discovered, I like it and want to do it again!

This time I am taking a slow and steady approach. Last time I expressed a want to build and grow but my training did not accomplish that. Instead in the end I ended up at my starting weight despite what felt like gains during my prep. I did accomplish overall tone and definition in my body. My greatest transformation would definitely be my lower body. I am starting a 16 week prep on July 20th in preparation for the November 9th show "The Irongames". I have again expressed my feelings to gain with my new coaches and I hope to achieve this in time for this show.

I met many new friends along the way, some from the team I competed with and others from social networking sites such as InstaGram! Here are a few pics! xo


  1. You're amazing babe! So proud of you and can't wait to see your next journey thru the competition world.