Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Suit!

Okay, so Les at Vizion Couture finished my suit already! I told him the color and he suggested I pick a new fabric so I will be the first to own my suit instead of ordering what's been done before for someone else. So I picked the fabric and straps and he made me this skimpy little number! Now to get the body to do it justice! That is all, goodnight! xo


  1. Oh wow I didn't realize that it was custom made - how special. That alone is going to give you so much confidence. There is definitely NO need to worry about your body not looking amazing. You were already in shape and all the work that you've done the past few months has only made you look even better (if that is at all possible!). What a nice touch the jewelry is going to be, it will really bring out the crystals in the straps. I really do love everything you chose for this competition! You are going to look hot!

    Shoes and Jules

  2. I hope so Jules! When I was watching the amateurs a couple of weeks ago, some were shaking, I'm scared I will do that! I hope it's not so bad anyone notices though, lol. I really think it's going to look great w/the jewelry too! I need to edit this post and include the jewelry!! xo