Monday, September 19, 2011

Game On, 5 Weeks Out!

So, last post I was debating when I should join the NPC, blah, blah. Quick chat with Deb and I'm doing 2 shows a week apart next month! The Titans Grand Prix on Oct. 22nd in Culver City and the Border States Classic in San Diego on the 29th (Deb's doing this one as well but for Pro Figure!). The only way I won't is if I absolutely hate the experience. I'm sure I'll be nervous, but it seems like a lot of fun to me. The time alone on stage goes pretty quickly. But only 5 weeks to get this body looking right! Yikes! Looking good in clothes is one thing, looking good in a Brazilian bikini on a stage is another! I will be sweating and praying a lot over the next few weeks, lol. So my plan of attack for this week has been altered again by my awesome trainer. We will see if I can actually gain weight this week! The plan, stack on lean muscle, tackle and anhilate the belly, hehe. No gym today because Fabian works a double, so I have to do Zumba and an ab workout on my own here with the kids. Tues-Sat, hitting the gym and hitting it hard. Let's get it!

Just a random pic of me from my birthday dinner (4 weeks ago). I will post real transformation pics once I'm transformed, brace yourselves, lol

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