Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Less Than 2 Weeks Out!

Well, it's so official and I'm less than 2 weeks out for my first competition, The Cal on 5/25! I've been practicing my posing every chance I get, it is crucial! I need to get up there and make it look flawless and effortless and fun all while feeling completely nervous! I have a few more posing sessions before show time but it's up to me to practice my butt off in between sessions. After my first session I felt totally overwhelmed. I felt like I immediatlely forgot everything I learned so I didn't practice! I thought it would be bad to practice and learn the wrong way and then have to unlearn it. Big mistake! I was doing everything wrong when I met my coach again last Sunday. And the least I could have done is practice walking in my shoes! But nope, didn't even do that! Needless to say I was losing my balance and everything. So, I started to put on my heels every morning after I get home from dropping my daughter off at school and I practice a few times. I'm planning on wearing my shoes to SAM's Club tomorrow for our big groccery shopping trip as well (should be epic!)

I think the most awesome part of this journey is the social media networking I've done and friends I've made! I set up an Instagram account solely around fitness and sought out "friends" who shared my interests, goals, etc. I met some of my Team Sass teammates and we have become really close. Always supporting each other and holding each other accountable. I've met friends who we have worked out together along with local fellow Moms who are competing for the first time as well. It is great that you can find people with so much in common with you thanks to social media!

Anyway, I will try to blog more up until the moment I hit the stage! My suit is off to Vizion Couture getting taken in (yes, that tiny thing was still too big on the rear, your glutes need to be exposed but not too much, it's a fine line) and all of my appointments are set! It's finally almost here! My hope is that I love this and continue on with this sport. I will keep you posted! xo

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  1. I'm so excited for you! I know you'll do great. Oh and PLEASE take pics of you walking through Sam's in those shoes!!! LOL